Restore Your Smile with Dentures

The Dental Facelift

Dental Rejuvenation of the face utilizing esthetic dentures.

The soft tissues of the face are supported by the teeth and hard structures of the head and jaws. Just as you see faces reconstructed in crime shows from skeletal remains we reconstruct healthier younger looking faces by proper healthy support of the skin, muscles and other facial soft tissues. When teeth are lost the underlying bone gradually shrinks away and the support of the tissues begins to disintegrate.

Getting Older or Getting Better™. THE CHOICE IS YOURS! Come in and find out what is possible.

The cheeks and lips are suspended from the cheekbones to the lower jaw and should delicately drape in perfect balance. When vertical dimension of the mouth is decreased due to bone loss the tissues hang wrong producing permanent frowns and creases. Correction of vertical dimension using neuromuscular dentistry lets the face appear more youthful and happier in many cases.

When drapes hang on the wall and onto the floor they will look wrinkled and old, but raising the drapes so they hang just off the floor lets them hang straight and wrinkle free. We do this for your face with neuromuscular cosmetic dentures. The choice is yours.

Don’t cover up your smile!

Changing lives with cosmetic dentures and implant dentistry. The most important change is not what others see. What you see when you look in the mirror can have an extraordinary impact on who you are. We see personalities blossom. The changes are more than how the teeth look. It is how you feel about yourself.

Are you really the person you see in the mirror?
Is the real you hidden behind that mask?

Discover your younger, more vital self. Stop worrying about loose dentures. It is time to enjoy eating again!

Many patients actually talk with their hands in front of their mouths or avoid smiling because they are unhappy with their appearance.

It is amazing when we see the patients change as they become relaxed and comfortable in their new smiles.

They often change their hair, their clothes and go with a whole new image.

It is a thrill to see the change that takes place when they feel good about themselves.

We want to put “WOW” IN YOUR SMILE!

We want you to want your smiling face to be noticed! Dental implants are designed to turn back the clock on your dental health and appearance. Feeling older, and the difficulties dentures present, can be solved with dental implants.

The incredible click in denture uses two or more implants to secure your denture. If you are tired of loose dentures you should consider dental implants today. A simple procedure lets you go home with more comfort in just one day.

Dental implants are individualized to each patient’s desires and needs. Please experience the understanding care of our doctors and team as you take your implant journey. Be assured that your needs and comfort are always our primary concern.

Call today! The sooner you call or schedule a consultation, the sooner you can enjoy eating, smiling, and conversation again.

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From the moment you walk in the office you feel welcome and the staff takes care of you while you wait for your appointment. I would highly recommend Delany Dental Care to anyone who is looking for a new dentist! Zach B.

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More Info Directions (847) 623-5530