Snap-On Dentures Provide Superior Support and Function

Snap-on dentures are a milestone in dentistry that has allowed many patients to begin experiencing a renewed sense of satisfaction and confidence. While traditional dentures restore only a fraction of the functionality that a full set of healthy teeth provide, implant-retained dentures make it possible to speak with absolute clarity, smile with pride, and enjoy foods such as corn on the cob and rare steak. We use the Locator F-Tx™ system to connect dentures to dental implants. These advanced abutment pieces make your six-month checkups at our dental office in Gurnee, IL, faster and more efficient because they facilitate easy removal by your dentist without compromising stability. Drs. Ira Shapira, Mark Amidei, and Richard Cottrell in Gurnee, IL, are compassionate and experienced dentists who can help you achieve a better quality of life using this advanced solution.

Convenient Dental Implant Solutions

Snap-on dentures provide extraordinary benefits because they literally snap onto dental implants that hold them firmly in place. Implants are titanium devices that replace tooth roots. They are surgically inserted into the jaw and can become permanently integrated with the bone tissue. Together, implants and snap-on dentures replace teeth from root to crown (the portion of the tooth visible above the gum line). 

Traditional dentures replace only the crowns. Although traditional restorations are effective in restoring appearance and a moderate degree of chewing ability, they can easily shift out of place. Another significant disadvantage of traditional dentures is that they must be regularly adjusted to maintain a comfortable fit. This is because the jaw will shrink and change shape when teeth are lost. Dental implants are the only treatment that can prevent these changes. With snap-on dentures, you may never need adjustments, and with proper care, your jaw can retain its shape and strength for the rest of your life.

Snap-on dentures also provide additional benefits not available with other dental implant options. Traditional implant-supported dentures are typically held in place by screws or dental cement. These solutions can provide strong support, but can also increase your discomfort and the amount of time it takes for your dentist to provide regular treatment. Our unique snap-on solution allows you to enjoy the benefits of fixed dentures with improved ease and efficiency during appointments.

Getting Older or Getting Better™. THE CHOICE IS YOURS! Come in and find out what is possible.

The Delany Dental Care Advantage

Snap-on dentures are a popular and widely available restorative solution. However, the success of snap-on dentures depends almost exclusively on your choice of dentist. Drs. ShapiraAmidei, and Cottrell have undergone special training in dental implants, and have helped many patients experience a vastly improved quality of life with implant-retained dentures. We provide mini and All-on-4 implants to accommodate the varied needs of our patients. Dr. Cottrell is an innovator in the field who developed ASTRA TECH Implant System™ EV implants. These implants are available in a wide variety of ergonomic shapes designed to provide outstanding support. For example, the top surfaces of ASTRA TECH Implant System™ EV implants can be angled to accommodate the earliest effects of jaw atrophy while preserving the bone tissue at the highest point of the alveolar ridge (the area of the jaw containing tooth sockets).

Are Snap-On Dentures Right for You?

Although snap-on dentures provide many attractive benefits, they are not right for every patient. For example, if you have an autoimmune disorder such as diabetes, or if you have experienced an advanced degree of jaw atrophy due to a prolonged absence of tooth roots, you may be better suited to traditional dentures. In this case, our dentists can provide a precisely fitted and natural-looking denture. They can also provide the ongoing care necessary to maintain comfort and functionality. In some cases, candidacy for snap-on dentures can be restored through a bone grafting procedure. Our dentists will conduct a detailed assessment of your oral health and overall health to determine your options.

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