All-on-4 Dental Implants

If you have a high number of missing or significantly damaged teeth, the best course of action may be to replace the entire upper or lower arch.

The innovative All-on-4 technique makes it possible to support a high-quality denture with only four dental implants, completely restoring your smile.

At Delany Dental Care in Gurnee, IL, serving Lake County, we produce life-changing results with All-on-4 dental implants. Could this procedure be right for you?

The Benefits
of All-on-4

Broader Candidacy

For traditional dental implant placement, uncompromised jawbone density is required. However, because the All-on-4 method involves placing implants at an angle in the jaw, those who have suffered some jaw atrophy may qualify without having to receive a bone graft.

Faster Timeline

Regular dental implant treatment usually takes at least six months. The All-on-4 method, on the other hand, involves fewer procedures, giving patients a beautiful smile much sooner. In fact, a temporary denture is usually attached immediately after surgery.

Less Invasive

The All-on-4 method only requires four implants to restore a full arch of teeth. Due to this comparatively less invasive approach, patients can expect a lower risk of complications.

Patient Testimonial "Feels Like My Own Teeth"

Our patient explains the many benefits he is experiencing after we restored his smile using this advanced solution.

Gloria Claiborne

November 2019

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Dr. Amidel, at Delaney Dental is outstanding! His quality of service, gentleness and genuine concern for his patient is comforting during any procedure. I have highly recommended Dr. Amidel to my family and friends. The office staff is courteous and will remember your name even after one visit. Joy, is their  receptionist, she is a breath of professional  fresh air.

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Brent Paakola

October 2019

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The friendly and dedicated staff at DD has always made visiting a great experience for me. The level of customer service I receive makes me feel as if I am their only customer.

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​The Basics
of All-on-4 Dental Implants

Although traditional dental implants provide several benefits, the procedure typically requires a significant time commitment for patients. Placing traditional implants requires two surgeries with several months of healing time in between. During that time, patients must often use a temporary denture that does not attach to the implants. Fortunately, that entire process can be expedited thanks to recent advancements in implant technology and placement techniques.

In most cases, All-on-4 implants allow patients to receive their implant and a temporary implant-supported restoration in a single convenient procedure. This is because the two posterior implants are placed at an angle, which allows them to provide excellent and immediate support. If you are missing teeth and are interested in the benefits of dental implants, but want an expedited solution, you may be a good candidate for the All-on-4 implants method. Our dentists use only the highest-quality implants and dentures to help our patients achieve a smile they are proud to share. 

We always focus on tailoring treatment to a patient's specific needs. If All-on-4 is not right for you, our Gurnee, IL, team may recommend a different form of implant dentistry, or another approach to full mouth reconstruction.

illustration of an all-on-4 denture
The All-on-4 method can eliminate the need for bone grafting procedures and shorten your treatment timeline.

our team

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you are considering implant dentistry, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our dentists today. During your first appointment at our dental office in Gurnee, IL, our dentists can examine your mouth and jaw to provide an honest recommendation of what procedures will best meet your needs. Our staff will also ask questions about your goals, lifestyle, and budget to understand you as a person and determine how we can best serve you. 

To begin your journey towards a healthy, confident smile, you can schedule a consultation by booking online or by calling us at (847) 623-5530.

The All-on-4 Implants Timeline

  • Consultation: During a consultation at our office, our highly respected and knowledgeable dentists will examine your oral structure and jawbone density. They will also review a detailed history of your dental and medical background to determine your candidacy for either traditional dental implants or All-on-4 implants. 
  • Surgery: On the day of your procedure, you will be given anesthesia to ensure your maximum comfort. We offer our patients a number of sedation options, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or general anesthesia administered by a certified anesthesiologist. Once you are comfortably sedated, your dentist will create an incision in the gums and drill small pilot holes into the jawbone. The dentist will place the implants before attaching a temporary, natural-looking denture. Once our patients have been cleared by the doctor, they can return home.
  • Recovery: With All-on-4 implants, patients can leave our practice after their surgical procedure with a full set of temporary, securely retained dentures that allow them to eat, speak, and smile with complete confidence. Over the next few months, the implants will fuse with your jaw and become stable enough to support the permanent restoration.
  • Permanent Denture: Once the dental implants have successfully fused with the jawbone, you will return to our office so we can begin the process of fabricating the permanent denture. This may take a few office visits as we precisely craft the denture. When the denture is ready, our dentist will attach it to the four implants, and your smile will be restored.
  • Maintenance: With proper care, your implants have the potential to last the rest of your life. Moving forward, it is important to follow the dentist's instructions, keep regular dental appointments, and take care of your smile with good oral hygiene. 

Patient Testimonial "I Walked out with Teeth"

Our patient discusses the positive results she has experienced as a result of smile restoration at our practice.

Yuri Arizmendi

July 2019

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Amazing customer service , very professional!
Speechless when it comes to talk about Doctor Mark Amidei , he is just an expert !!! And his assistant Stacy wow!!! What a great team !
I’m 100% satisfied with their work, they always find possibilities for everyone.they make you feel like smiling all the time !!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Christine Thompson

July 2019

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Very friendly atmosphere  people are compassionate and very understanding about any anxiety and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable  I would recommend this office to anyone who has  had a bad dental experience

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Additional Benefits

It is easy to see why so many patients struggling with missing teeth choose All-on-4 implant dentistry. Additional benefits of this procedure include:

  • Improved peace of mind. You can be confident in your teeth because you have chosen a highly dependable, long-lasting solution for your smile.
  • Same-day form and function. In 90 percent of cases, All-on-4 recipients can communicate and eat as they normally would shortly after leaving our office.
  • Improved self-confidence. You will no longer feel the urge to conceal your smile.
  • Fewer preparatory procedures. All-on-4 implants can be a good choice if you have reduced jawbone tissue, as you can often forgo a bone grafting procedure.
  • Convenient and easy care. You will not have to deal with the messy adhesives used with traditional dentures.
  • Improved jawbone health. Dental implants are the only solution that can stop the jawbone deterioration that follows tooth loss.

The Cost
of All-on-4

Costs can vary from case to case. For example, if you require full mouth reconstruction, treatment will involve several costs beyond that of implants. Typically, All-on-4 treatment at our dental practice involves a $12,500 surgical fee and a $12,500 prosthetic fee, for a total expected cost of about $25,000 per arch. Some dental insurance plans may cover part of the procedure, and we are happy to help you coordinate financing through CareCredit® for costs not covered by insurance. 

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