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Dental Implants

A missing tooth can affect your quality of life, causing pain and embarrassment while negatively impacting your health.

Dental implants support your health while providing unparalleled stability for restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Learn how dental implants from Delany Dental Care in Gurnee, IL, can help you smile with confidence again.

What You Need to Know

About Dental Implants

Dental implants are the pinnacle of dental technology when it comes to restoring a lost tooth or teeth.

A dental implant is a small titanium or zirconia post that is surgically inserted into the jaw. Over the course of about four to six months, it becomes permanently fused to the tissue through a process called osseointegration. An abutment is attached to the implant, which serves as the connection point with a crownbridge, or denture crafted to look indistinguishable from natural teeth.

implant-supported dental bridge
Dental implants effectively replace your tooth roots to provide superior stability for implant-supported restorations.

4 Top Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are widely considered the best long-term treatment available in modern dentistry for patients with missing teeth. That is because this state-of-the-art technology provides advantages such as: 

  1. The ability to last a lifetime with the proper care
  2. Easy maintenance that's almost the same as caring for natural teeth
  3. Preventing jawbone recession after the loss of a tooth
  4. Supporting dentures and other restorations so they will not move or slip when you eat, speak, or laugh

How Do Implants Help Maintain Your Jawbone? 

The tooth roots provide stimulation to the bone tissue in your jaw, keeping it strong and healthy. When a tooth has been missing for a significant period of time, the lack of stimulation causes jawbone tissue to recede. As the tissue continues to deteriorate, surrounding teeth begin to shift, which in turn causes cheeks to collapse inward and lips to start to pucker.

By receiving dental implants, patients can prevent these changes in their facial structure and help maintain their appearance. 

Dental implant going into jaw

Find Out If Dental Implants Are Right for You Request a Consultation Today

Ira L. Shapira, DDS, FICCMO and the team at Delany Dental Care in Gurnee, IL, offer a range of dental implant treatments. Our team of dental professionals will be happy to help you determine the right solution for your needs. We are here to help you protect your health and boost your confidence with a smile you can be proud to share with the world. 

If you are missing one or more teeth and are searching for a permanent restorative solution, contact our office online to request an appointment with one of our dentists, or call our Gurnee, IL, dentistry practice, serving Lake County and North Chicago, at:

(847) 623-5530

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DeAndre Lee

Gurnee, IL

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Professional, informative, and caring! From the front desk, to the assistant, to the Doctor; everyone was friendly, kind and efficient.

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Brea Nelson

Gurnee, IL

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Enjoyed all their care and help during my appointment! Special shoutout to Dr. Amidei and Dr. Helmi for their amazing care. And of course Becca for her awesome dental assisting!!

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Choosing the Right Implant Treatment for You

Your treatment plan will depend on the number of teeth you need to replace and the type of restoration required to fill the gaps in your smile. Regardless of which implant treatment type you choose, rest assured that Delany Dental Care in Gurnee, IL, uses only the best brands in dentistry, such as Nobel Biocare®, Straumann, and Astra. Your dental implant treatment plan may involve:
the three parts of dental implants; implant, abutment, restoration.

Traditional Dental Implants

These implants are exceptionally durable. They require two surgeries over the course of about six months before the restoration can be attached. The first surgery involves placing the dental implant into your jawbone. Once the titanium device has fused with the bone tissue in your jaw, an abutment is placed during the second surgery. After the gums heal following the second surgery, one of our dentists will secure your final restoration, which will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.


This method uses two vertical implants in the front of the jaw and two angled implants on either side of the dental arch to support a full denture. This configuration can allow patients who have experienced some bone atrophy to receive implants without the need for bone grafting. All-on-4® implants can usually support a denture immediately following placement. 
Our practice also offers All-on-5 implants, a similar option that adds another strategically placed implant for additional support. 

Explore All-on-4 Dental Implants

Mini Implants

Because they are about half the diameter of a traditional dental implant, mini implants can be placed during a less invasive surgery that involves inserting the implant directly through the gum tissue and into the jaw.
Mini implants require less bone tissue than traditional implants, making them a popular option among those who would otherwise require a bone graft. Like All-on-4 implants, mini implants are capable of immediately supporting dentures and other restorations.

Explore Mini Dental Implants

Snap-on Dentures Make Dental Cleanings a Breeze

Snap-on dentures are another implant option for patients missing most or all of their teeth along a dental arch. They aren't connected to implants by abutments— instead, they "snap" right on to the titanium or zirconia posts themselves. While your denture will remain firmly in place while eating, speaking, or smiling, it can be easily removed by your dentist to make cleanings and checkups that much easier.

Like traditional implant-supported dentures, snap-on dentures are best for patients who do not have advanced jawbone deterioration. However, a bone grafting procedure can restore candidacy for this innovative treatment.

Illustration of snap-on dentures

ASTRA TECH Implant System™ EV Implants Leading the Field With New Innovations

This system of ergonomically shaped implants was developed by one of our own dentists, Dr. Richard D. Cottrell.

Among many special features, these implants can be made to accommodate patients who have experienced bone atrophy along the ridge of the jaw, resulting in a slanted contour. They are available with a slanted top surface designed to follow this angle, preventing further changes in the shape of the ridge and often eliminating the need for bone grafting. After placement surgery, these implants typically require a recovery of about five months before they can support a denture.

Have Questions About ASTRA TECH Implants?  Ask the Doctor That Created Them

Our practice is proud to offer dental implants made using the finest materials, including the ASTRA TECH Implant System™ EV Implants. Designed by Dr. Richard D. Cottrell, these implants offer an alternative for patients with shallow bone tissue who do not want to receive a bone grafting. No matter which type of implant you choose, our team of dentists can oversee your dental implant treatment from beginning to end at our Gurnee, IL, dental office. 

You can request a consultation with Dr. Cottrell to discuss his patented implants in more detail or submit your questions to our team by calling: 

(847) 623-5530

More 5-Star Reviews From the Gurnee Community


Haily Stephens

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The most thorough experience I’ve ever had with a dentist. They made sure to explain exactly what they were seeing and go over exactly how to improve your teeth and gum health. Everyone was friendly and made me feel very comfortable.

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Arnita J

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Dr Amidei, made me feel comfortable right away. He sat talked to me about any issues and expectations I had. He was gentle during examination. He was thorough. Most importantly he is very honest...a total straight shooter. The first good dentist experience I've had in a very long time.

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The Dental Implant Timeline

We have provided personalized dental care to the Gurnee area since we opened our doors in 1984. With a number of implant and sedation options, we can design a treatment plan that's right for you.

Treatment Steps

We have provided personalized dental care to the Gurnee area since we opened our doors in 1984. With a number of implant and sedation options, we can design a treatment plan that's right for you.


Our dentists begin every dental implant treatment with a thorough consultation. If we determine implants are a good fit for you, we will then recommend plans and options to cater to your dental needs.


On the day of your implant placement procedure, our team will help you feel completely comfortable and relaxed by administering local anesthesia in combination with any requested sedation.


A tiny incision will be created in your gums and space will be made in the jawbone for each implant. Our dentist will then insert the titanium posts into the prepared areas and close the incision using sutures. All-on-4 and mini implant patients will have their restorations attached at this time for an instant complete smile.


Over the course of the next few months, the implant will fuse with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration. This typically takes approximately four to six months.


For traditional dental implants, after the implant and the bone tissue in your jaw have fused, an abutment will be placed during a second procedure. The abutment will connect your restoration to the implant. Healing from this second procedure takes a couple of weeks.


Once the gums have healed, we will take impressions and begin crafting your permanent restorations. The end result will be a beautiful smile that looks and functions just like natural teeth.

What Will My Crown, Bridge, or Denture Look Like?

Our Gurnee team offers only the best in dental implants, and our restorations are crafted from the finest materials, too. We place great emphasis on crafting restorations with both great aesthetics and great durability. 

Your crown, bridge, or denture will be made from materials that mimic the natural light-reflective properties of tooth enamel. This means that they won't have a dull or excessively shiny look like some prosthetics tend to have. Even better, your restoration can be color-matched to any existing teeth you have, so it will blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

The ceramics we use are made to withstand the full force of your bite just as well as natural teeth. While you may have had to limit your diet when missing teeth, with your implant-supported restoration you'll be able to eat with complete comfort and confidence.

ceramist hand-finishing a dental bridge

No Smile Is Beyond Repair We're Here to Help – Reach Out to Our Team

Are you not sure which dental implant option is right for you? Do you worry that restoring your smile still may not be possible? Over nearly 40 years of practice in Gurnee, we're proud to say that Delany Dental Care has grown into a full-service office equipped with an experienced team, a leading implantologist, truly comprehensive treatment options, and state-of-the-art technology. No matter your needs, we are ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

The dental implant process can seem intimidating at the outset, but with a trusted team by your side, it can be much easier and even more rewarding than you've imagined. Taking the first step is simple: just reach out for a consultation. You can send us a message online or call us in Gurnee, IL:

(847) 623-5530

"I can't stop looking in the mirror." A Dental Implant Patient's Testimonial

"Delany Dental is by far the best experience I’ve ever had when it comes to dentists. For the 1st time in years I’m smiling with confidence. I’m going to be very honest. I had no bottom teeth. I was embarrassed for years. So many foods I couldn’t eat. Argh, I just felt bad. Through bad advice from dentists through the years I ended up where I was when I walked in to Delany Dental the first time in November of last year. Today, I have partial implants and a complete set of teeth. I can’t stop looking in the mirror. They are so compassionate and empathetic. It’s been about an 8 month journey with them and I feel so blessed to have made the decision to trust them with truly changing my life.  Michelle Morris

How Long  Do Dental Implants Last?


With good oral hygiene habits and biannual dental checkups, dental implants can last a lifetime. Though the crowns, bridges, or dentures they support typically last around 15 years and will eventually need to be replaced,  we'll keep your scans, impressions, restoration designs, and all other relevant information on file at our Gurnee office. When the time comes, refreshing your smile with a new restoration will be easy.

Financing Options for Dental Implants

Even though dental implants can be a worthwhile investment in your health, insurance typically won't cover the cost of treatment. To make treatments like implants more accessible, our practice offers flexible financing through CareCredit® to break the cost into affordable monthly payments. Our team will work with you to find a dental solution within your budget, and we can provide a personalized quote during your consultation. 

Great Reviews From Happy Patients "The nicest and most informative dentist I've ever had"


Chloe Ortega

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I have struggled to find a suitable dentist for quite some time but Delany Dental was highly recommended by friends and family. I was pleasantly surprised by their kind and knowledgeable team, from the insightful hygienists to the Office Manager that helped me navigate payment options. Definitely a refreshing shift from patronizing dentists I have dealt with in the past. 10/10

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Gabrielle Miller

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I went in for a consultation and met with Dr. Amidei. He was easily the nicest and most informative Dentist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He took his time and explained everything so thoroughly and in so much detail and most importantly gave me a TRUE/HONEST opinion! It did take a while to be seen based off of my appointment time, but to be honest it was worth waiting!! Anyone who takes their time with you like Dr. Amidei did is worth the wait!

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