Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Restore Form & Function

Full mouth rehabilitation is often necessary when multiple teeth have sustained extensive decay or patients have been missing one or more teeth for a significant period of time. Patients struggling with the function and appearance of their teeth can rejuvenate their oral health with a full mouth reconstruction performed at our Gurnee, IL, dental office. This comprehensive dental treatment can rejuvenate the health and function of your teeth while also preventing compounding oral health and lifestyle problems that accompany these oral issues, such as shifting teeth, an imbalanced bite, or an inability to speak or eat properly. Because these complex cases can pose many challenges, it is critical to choose an experienced dentist, like Drs. Shapira, Amidei, and Cottrell. Each of our doctors has extensive experience in treating complex cases and can design a treatment plan that can restore the optimal oral health you deserve. 

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A full mouth reconstruction can restore your smile and bite if you are suffering from multiple oral health issues or if you have sustained dental trauma. 

Your Treatment Options

The number of treatments you will need to receive will depend on the severity of your compromised oral health. Each full mouth reconstruction is personally tailored to the patient and no two treatment plans are alike. Your full mouth reconstruction could include two or more restorative dentistry procedures, such as:

If patients are missing one or more teeth, they may want to consider the many benefits of dental implants. Not only can these surgically implanted posts replace tooth roots and prevent further jawbone deterioration, but they can also serve to provide unrivaled support to premium restorations such as implant-supported dentures and crowns. 

Your Experience at Delany Dental

Achieving the healthy, attractive smile you deserve will depend on the success of each step of your full mouth rehabilitation. Your dentist will plan every phase of treatment using information gathered through a series of evaluations and diagnostic exams. He will take an extensive history of your dental and medical health and capture detailed images of your oral structure using advanced dental technology. Your dentist will also speak with you about your concerns and goals to develop a plan that complements your schedule and budget.

This comprehensive dental treatment can rejuvenate the health and function of your teeth while also preventing compounding oral health and lifestyle problems that accompany these oral issues.

To ensure patient comfort throughout the procedures, we provide a number of sedation options, including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. While most patients will require only local anesthesia, patients undergoing longer procedures or those suffering from dental phobia may fare better with sedation.

Considering the Advantages

By choosing to undergo a comprehensive rehabilitation designed to rectify all of your oral health issues, you stand to reap a number of outstanding advantages, including:

  • Restored strength and function to your bite
  • Minimized risk of future infection and tooth loss
  • Improved articulation of speech
  • Retaining healthy jawbone density to prevent an aging facial appearance
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Ability to enjoy an unrestricted diet
  • Cost savings in the long-run by streamlining the treatment process
  • Strategically organized procedures for efficient and effective treatment
  • Appointments phased in around your schedule

Restore the Form and Function of Your Smile and Bite

If you are suffering from a number of oral health issues or you have sustained severe dental trauma, our dentists will likely recommend a full mouth reconstruction to rejuvenate and repair your smile and bite. These complex oral surgeries can be best rehabilitated by an accomplished dentist like the doctors at Delany Dental Care. Contact our office online or call us at (847) 623-5530 to schedule your consultation today. 

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