The optimum Ceramic Reconstruction

Almost everyone has at least one filling, most people have more. These fillings are made of metal that doesn’t match your teeth, and may even weaken your tooth. These fillings usually look black in the mouth but are actually amalgam or silver-mercury fillings. It is estimated that over 1 billion of these fillings will need to be replaced over the next ten years. An increasing number of patients are taking advantage of CEREC® to replace, repair, and restore weak or broken fillings in a single office visit. There have been over 5,000,000 CEREC® restorations placed worldwide, with a new restoration being placed every 20 seconds.

CEREC® is an acronym for Ceramic Reconstruction. CEREC® is the best way to quickly and economically restore your damaged teeth or fillings. CEREC® is used for inlays, onlays,partial crowns, posterior crowns, anterior crowns, and veneers.

Your CEREC® procedure begins with an examination to determine what treatment is best for your needs. Patients love the Cad-Cam technology and enjoy watching as their exquisite ceramic restorations are milled in a matter of minutes.

The true beauty of the restoration is the conservative nature. It is not necessary to remove all the enamel like an ordinary crown, but the technology allows us to retain all the healthy areas of your tooth and remove only the damaged and diseased areas.

Your tooth is then prepared, and an Optical Impression is taken. This digital photo is converted into a 3D virtual model. This model is used to shape a ceramic block with the in-office milling machine. Your restoration is ready in about 15 minutes. This restoration is tested for proper fit and bite. Your restoration is then bonded to the prepared tooth.

Dr.Amidei is an excellent dentist and has also become one of my very close friends. From the moment you walk in the office you feel welcome and the staff takes care of you while you wait for your appointment. I would highly recommend Delany dental care to anyone who is looking for a new dentist!

Dr. Ira Shapira and Dr. Mark Amidei have great expertise with the CEREC® system. They were the first dentists in Lake County, Illinois to begin to use this awesome technology in 1988.

The result is a perfectly fitted ceramic restoration that looks, feels, and functions exactly the same as your natural teeth. While Dr. Shapira has done thousands of restorations, the true CEREC® artist is Dr. Mark Amidei, and he has raised the use of this technology to an art form. It is often difficult to perceive where his work has been placed.

With CEREC®, there is no need for a temporary restoration or multiple trips to the office. CEREC® is a safe, quick, and easy way to restore your smile and get on with your life.

The best cosmetic dentists are general dentists that do not just treat your teeth but strive to improve your entire mouth and quality of life. For more information about CEREC, visit

If you are considering CEREC® or other procedures such as crowns or bridges, you should contact Dr. Shapira and Dr. Amidei at Delany Dental Care.