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With digital impressions, CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technology, and high-grade porcelain, we can mill highly aesthetic, all-white, custom-fitted crowns, inlays, and onlays in just one dental visit. We use a computer to take a digital impression of your teeth. The data guides precise tools in creating your restoration from tooth-colored ceramic selected to match your teeth. In about one hour, the milling unit produces a beautiful restoration that we can place immediately.

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Nd:YAG Lasers

Dental lasers minimize trauma and bleeding during surgery, while also reducing recovery time and eliminating the need for sutures. We use Nd:YAG lasers with LANAP® protocol to perform highly effective periodontal (gum) disease treatment in the comfort of our dental office. The Nd:YAG laser can be used to perform gum disease therapy, gum surgery, biopsies, cold sore treatment, and crown lengthening. For prompt, precise oral surgery, rely on our expertise and the powerful, effective Nd:YAG dental laser. 

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Diode Lasers

The diode laser is used in soft-tissue procedures such as gum contouring, crown lengthening, periodontal treatments, and cold sore elimination. Because no heat or vibration is emitted, the diode laser provides maximum comfort for patients. Furthermore, no sutures are required, and bleeding is minimal. This method also expedites recovery.

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Mytronics K7 Technology

With K7 technology, our dentists record accurate measurements of the position of the temporomandibular joints, and gain a precise indication of where the jaw joints should be positioned. With this data, we define a starting point and endpoint for treatment goals. The K7 is an important diagnostic tool in neuromuscular dentistry that takes the guesswork out of treating TMJ disorder. By taking periodic measurements before, during, and after neuromuscular TMJ treatment, we can ensure that the therapy is working, and make adjustments as necessary.

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3D Cone Beam Imaging

Dental x-rays provide detailed images of a patient’s jaw and maxillofacial structure beneath the skin and soft tissues. At Delany Dental Care, we use 3D cone beam imaging, which produces three-dimensional views of the teeth, tooth roots, jawbone tissue, and other structures. Cone beam technology is valuable in making more accurate diagnoses and planning effective orthodontic and dental implant treatment plans.

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VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a serious, common, and potentially life-threatening disease. Studies show that the best way to avoid advanced oral cancer is to detect and treat the condition early, before lesions appear. With VELscope® technology, we can perform a simple, quick scan of the soft tissues of the mouth to reveal potential abnormalities. If we find areas of concern, we can perform a biopsy and send the sample to the lab for analysis.

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Intraoral Cameras and Photography

We use intraoral cameras so our dentists can show patients what we see during an exam. This technology educates patients about their oral health, helps them see areas in which plaque and tartar are more likely to accumulate, and improves their ability to make informed decisions about treatment. During your appointment, we will use the intraoral camera to capture magnified digital images that we will save in your patient file.

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