If you are missing one or more teeth, the teeth around the gap can drift out of position, causing you bite problems. If your teeth have drifted into unnatural positions, they can cause additional dental problems like the loss of more teeth, gum disease, and decay.

A major cause of headaches and neck pain are problems stemming from an improper bite.

To correct the gap caused by a missing tooth and prevent other teeth from drifting into other positions, we may recommend that a dental bridge be placed. A dental bridge is a combination of two tooth crowns and one or more pontics, or natural looking replacement teeth. Dr. Ira Shapira, Dr. Mark Amidei, and the expert team at Delany Dental Care know that a beautiful natural cosmetic bridge can last for years or even a lifetime with proper care.

Dr. Amidei is an excellent dentist and has also become one of my very close friends. From the moment you walk in the office you feel welcome and the staff takes care of you while you wait for your appointment. I would highly recommend Delany dental care to anyone who is looking for a new dentist!

How is a dental bridge constructed?

Bridgework begins by shaping the teeth on either side of the gap so that an abutment crown can be placed on the tooth. The custom crowns are created for your teeth with the pontic attached to the crowns and the bridge is cemented, in most cases, as a single piece. It usually takes about one to three weeks for the permanent dental bridge to be created. In that time, you will be fitted with a provisional dental bridge that will be removed when the permanent one is bonded or cemented into place. This provisional bridge is used as a guide so the patient can try out how the bridge feels and make adjustments prior to delivery.

After the permanent dental bridge is bonded into place, you can resume enjoying life and foods without worrying about any gaps. A dental bridge will not only provide you with the function you need from your teeth, but it will give you a refreshed, full smile.

Contact Dr. Ira Shapira and Dr. Mark Amidei in Gurnee to schedule your crown and bridge consultation. Trust the experienced cosmetic dentists at Delany Dental Care that can answer all of your questions. Team members delight in helping our patients understand what needs to be done to accomplish your desires. They are pleased to guide you through the process.