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Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment

If you snore, wake up gasping for breath in the middle of the night, or feel tired throughout the day, you might be experiencing obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. OSA is a common condition that keeps millions of Americans from experiencing restful sleep. At Delany Dental Care, Dr. Ira Shapira and Dr. Mark Amidei offer non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for sleep apnea. We can provide patients with custom oral appliances that keep the airways open while you sleep.

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Tooth-colored Fillings

If you have dark, noticeable dental fillings that make you feel self-conscious about your smile, or if you have recently developed a cavity, we can use tooth-colored fillings to restore the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings consist of a composite dental resin tinted to match the unique color of your tooth. In one visit, we can prepare your tooth and place a natural-looking filling. Only you and your dentist will know that you have had a cavity filled.

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Preventive Care

At Delany Dental Care, we believe that the best possible dental care prevents problems from occurring in the first place. With preventive dental care, we perform routine check-ups and cleanings, and advise patients about proper at-home dental hygiene practices. Dr. Shapira or Dr. Amidei will educate you about the prevention of tooth enamel erosion, cavities, and gum disease. We also support parents in training their children to care for their teeth and gums.

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Board-certified Endodontist

We offer root canal therapy to eliminate advanced decay and avoid the need for tooth extraction. Root canal therapy involves the removal of dental pulp from the center of the tooth, and the preservation of the outer dental structure. At Delany Dental Care, Dr. James Swenson performs all endodontic treatments. Dr. Swenson is Gurnee’s only board-certified endodontic specialist. After a root canal, we can provide a dental crown to restore your tooth.

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Oral Surgery

Some of the oral surgery procedures we perform include dental implant placement and tooth extractions. When necessary, we can provide oral or IV sedation by bringing in a nurse anesthetist or a physician. We perform many standard oral surgery procedures from start to finish. If your case is more complex, we can refer you to a specialist, but whenever possible, we will carry out every stage of your treatment in our office.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

For many patients, the wisdom teeth, or third molars, cause damage or misalignment issues with surrounding teeth. The wisdom teeth may become stuck, or impacted, beneath the gum line, leading to infection. They may erupt at angle, or there may not be enough room for them, causing adjacent teeth to shift out of place. They are also more difficult to clean, which can make them more vulnerable to decay. We often recommend the removal of the wisdom teeth when patients are between the ages of 16 and 25. We can perform most wisdom tooth extractions here in our office. If your wisdom teeth are severely impacted, we will refer you to an oral surgeon.

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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening may be performed for aesthetic or restorative purposes. The procedure involves the removal of excess gum tissue to reveal more of the tooth. Using our soft tissue dental laser, we can reduce gum tissue precisely and quickly. Laser gum surgery results in very little bleeding or discomfort. We may recommend the crown lengthening procedure if you have an excess amount of gum tissue that shows when you smile, or if it is necessary in order to place a filling or crown.

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Emergency Dentistry

You never know when you might need emergency dental care. Fortunately, we’re only a phone call away. Should you experience an intense toothache or oral pain, or if you crack, chip, or dislodge a tooth, call us immediately. We will see you as soon as possible - the same day, in most cases. In case of an emergency, keep a Delany Dental Care business card in your backpack, purse, or wallet, and make sure our number is in your phone.

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Family Dentistry

At Delany Dental Care, we offer family dentistry services for patients seven years of age and older. We offer a range of treatments to meet your family's needs. In addition to routine dental exams and cleanings, we offer complete general, cosmetic, and restorative care. Whether you wish to prevent cavities, restore a tooth, or improve the appearance of your smile, we can help. For your convenience, we perform most procedures from start to finish in our office.

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Periodontal Care

Healthy gums play an important role in the beauty and health of your smile. But did you know that the health of your gums is also connected to your overall wellness? At Delany Dental Care, we perform periodontal treatments, including scaling, root planing, and laser gum therapy. Our dentists can also help you understand the link between oral and systemic health, and teach you proper at-home care to maintain the health and beauty of your smile.

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